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  • March 27, 2017

Mathematics is the most practical subject that anyone can learn. Unfortunately, it is a subject that is not fully understood by majority of people. If you have interest in this subject then you will reach the sky. It is a very important subject because it can solve many mysteries. Your daily activities are examples of math. Understanding its concepts and then implementing them is very useful.

Majority of us do not understand its value and we seldom note it. Math is everywhere in this universe. We enjoy nature but we are unaware about how mathematical the world is.

Symmetry is a property which can be seen everywhere. All human beings are perfect example of it. Then talk about shapes, every object is made of different shapes, earth is like a round ball, a beehive is hexagonal in shape, volcanoes are perfect example of cones, and the list continues.

No one can deny the wonders of Mathematics without it our lives would be unsystematic and illogical. Be an expert in it and test your skills by participating in International Kangaroo Math contest.

Our universe is mathematical, the more we look into it, the more we find math in it. It has been observed that a person who is good in math have great opportunities in life and considered genius as well. It is the fundamental of all sciences. Imagine our lives without addition or subtraction or any other calculations. Finding the depths of oceans, checking the distances, calculating your salary or any other task, math is everywhere. It’s hard to mention the wonders of mathematics; in short the life is simply impossible without it.

The more you study about this subject, more mysterious it becomes. Normally people do not treat math as fun but the fact is that it plays a significant role in our society. One interesting fact which hardly few people know is that from number 0 to 1000, the letter (A) only appears in the number 1000, and nowhere else.

The word Google which is a famous website comes from misspelling of word “Googol”, which means a large number. It is actually one hundred zeroes after the digit 1. These interesting facts about mathematics tell us that it is a complete knowledge. It opens our mind because it is based on understanding rather than learning. All these wonders are amazing and unique to the lovers of mathematics.