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  • March 27, 2017

Mathematics is regarded as the language of the universe. Everything in this world is made of math, whether it’s you or any other thing. It is everywhere, from human begins to small insects; all of us are following the math. It is useful in science, sports, economics, social fields and many other areas for decisions and analysis.

It is a fact that for every job, basic math skills are needed. Everyone has to deal with money in daily life, which is math. Knowing how much you spend or earn, if you have knowledge of this subject then it will be easy for you to check and calculate.

Everyone is aware of the importance of computers, they have revolutionized our world. These machines are basically calculators which receive inputs and show us information. Many misleading concepts about mathematics are spread everywhere. Some say it’s boring, few say it’s hard to understand, but the fact is it’s the only subject which provides you 100% result without memorization. Once you have its understanding, the concepts are clear, and then nothing can stop you.

You can study mathematics while watching TV, listening music, talking with friends and so on. Just practice is needed for you to become a mathematician. The illusionary world of math seems to be tough, but in reality, it’s interesting and enjoyable. So, if you are good in it, then try your luck in International Kangaroo math contest which is held annually in the month of March. Thousands of children participate in it across the world. If you are a genius then show everyone your talent.

Mathematics is regarded as the language of the universe because it describes the physical reality. When we see the examples of how useful math can be the importance of learning and understanding this subject is highly observed.

An illusionary world is a place where misconceptions or wrong impressions are believed. All matter is made up of small particles that have mathematical properties. Everything is made up of a unique pattern and following a series of numbers. Whether living or not – living things, everyone behaves in mathematical ways. It’s simple to understand for the once who love math. Some people believe that this subject is just a tool to explain the world but in reality, all nature depends fully on it. Humans have the power to understand this illusionary world of mathematics and adopt it.