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  • March 27, 2017

Asking questions mean that a person is creative and has an open mind. It leads to new knowledge. Obviously once we question, we need to know the answer, then naturally after getting the answer, we lead to more questions and so on. These lead us to the ideas that we haven’t explored. Not every question has the meaningful answer, but the fact is that if we have answers to all questions, then life would have been of little interest.

Questioning actually stimulates creativity, a single thing asked leads to a whole new field of knowledge. On the other hand, answers are the end of process. A person who is genius, ask more often about things because his mid is continuously working, therefore it is the beginning of knowledge.

When we are a child, about 80% of our dialogues are questions and that why kids learn new things at a fast past. With the passage of time, especially at schools, we introduce habits of memorizing and learning instead of innovative thinking. Proper questioning has been lost now, that’s why we have poor decision making. That’s why it is important that we slow down and have time to ask more and better things. In this way, we increase the level of our knowledge.

A good questioner looks the world with wider perspective and takes time to wonder about things. No matter what your age is or what you are in life, introduction to new thoughts is always the key of knowledge. Enhance your creativity in this competitive world. You just can’t sit at home and learn your course only. Compete with the whole world and give unseen tests. It is said that knowledge means to know the right answer but intelligence means asking the right question.

From proper guidance and understanding, questioning is essential because when we start asking about things, we realize that how little we know. Our lack of knowledge is observed when we get new answers. If you want to improve your knowledge then swim in the sea of questions. Become a scuba diver who is curious about everything. Hence, the most powerful tool in life is art of questioning. Check the extent of your intelligence with this unique method. You all should know the truth that intelligence have no limits. We should use our internal skills to get all the proper knowledge.